Welcomed intervention from the Arizona Attorney General, seeking to have serial litigant AND his attorney deemed vexatious litigants

The story of the ADA tester plaintiff and his attorney, Peter Strojnik, has been well-profiled here. However, despite having his initial round of state court lawsuits dismissed and settling sanctions allegations by the Attorney General, Strojnik is back at it – alleging ADA violations against hotels in new federal court lawsuits. However, yesterday afternoon, the AG filed a motion to intervene in one of Strojnik’s federal cases, seeking an order that Plaintiffs and Strojnik are “vexatious litigants.” If the motion is granted, the AG will likely attempt to consolidate each of Strojnik’s 60+ ADA cases, so that it can then move to dismiss all lawsuits. This is similar to what the AG did, successfully, in the state court cases. The ultimate goal is to get Strojnik’s cases dismissed; however, there may be a long procedural road ahead.

The full press release from the AG is here: http://mailchi.mp/azag/ag-brnovich-files-motion-to-stop-serial-litigator-in-federal-court?e=0b0f52fb3d